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We have been engaged in manufacturing and supplying the superior quality Air Heaters. We offer an outstanding range of Air Heaters to meet the requirements of our clients. The Air Heater is generally used as the last heat exchange part of the boiler which mostly used for the power plant. It is a kind of heat exchanger that heats up the combustion air by utilizing the heat of flue gas. The gas accesses to the Air Heater and heats up the internal heating elements of the rotor; when the rotor rotates to the air side, the heat will be released to the air; the rotor rotates continuously, and the heat maintains exchanging

The Function of AIR HEATER:

  • Reduce the outlet gas temp. and improve the boiler efficiency, and in general, if the gas temp. is reduced by 15~ 20℃, the efficiency of the boiler will be increased by 1%.
  • Increase the inlet air temp. of the furnace, improve the combustion condition, intensify the burning, decrease the loss by incomplete burning, and thereby improve the boiler efficiency.
  • Be beneficial to fuel transportation. The hot primary air will heat the fuels in the process of transportation, and evaporate the moisture of the fuels, and facilitate the manufacture and delivery of the coal powder.

The Air Heater absorbs waste heat from flue gas, and then transfers this heat to incoming cold air by means of continuously rotating heat transfer elements of specially formed metal plates. Thousands of these high efficiency elements are spaced and compactly arranged within sector-shaped compartments of a radically divided cylindrical shell, called the rotor. The housing surrounding the rotor is provided with duct connections at both ends and is adequately sealed by radial and circumferential sealing members-forming an air passage through one half of the preheater, and a gas passage through the other. As the rotor slowly revolves the mass of elements alternately through the gas and air passages, heat is absorbed by the element surfaces passing through the hot gas stream. Then, as these same surfaces are carried through the air stream, they release the stored up heat, thus greatly increasing the temperature of the incoming combustion or process air.

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