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We are among the trusted manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of Air Cooled Condensers. Our Air Cooled Condensers are designed with greatest precision by using quality approved materials.

Air cooled steam condenser is required to condense the exhaust steam from the turbine into the condenser at constant pressure and temperature and required to maintain the backpressure at the turbine exhaust flange.

Air cooled steam condenser comprises of Tube Bundles with Circular finned tubes fixed at a height on a “A” frame structure at an angle of 60 Deg. Axial Flow fan mounted at the lower vertex of the ‘A’ Frame throw the cooler air at ambient temperature into the ‘A’ Frame. When the Air passes through the finned tube bundles it will cool the fluid inside the finned tubes or condenses the steam inside the tube by reducing the latent heat of steam.

Air cooled condenser comprises Cells / modules / bays. Each cell consists of the following major equipment:

  • Steam Manifold / Steam Duct from Turbine exhaust flange to the ACC.
  • A Frame structure supporting the Tube Bundles
  • Finned Tube Bundles
  • Axial Flow fan arrangement with Gear Box and Motor.
  • Fan fixing and protecting Assembly with Guards, inlet bell.
  • Condensate Tank with Pumps
  • Ejector for extraction of the Non condensable gases from the tube bundles.
  • Hot well drain tank with pumps.
  • Piping with valves and instruments as per the requirement.
  • Instrumentation and Electrical as per the ACC operational philosophy.
  • Wind wall for prevention of the air recirculation.
  • Instrumentation & control system for all above.

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