air cooled condenser

An Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) is a direct dry cooling system where the steam is condensed inside air-cooled finned tubes.

Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

Air cooled Heat Exchangers (or) Fin fan Cooler or Air Fin Cooler are the same Air Cooling equipment.

Single Row Flat Finned Tube

Finning and the entire rest of tube bundle manufacturing are done in our workshop.


Manufacturer and Supplier Of Heat Exchanger

Enrich (Shanghai) Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd (Called “ETEC) are leading Heat Exchangers Manufacturer and Supplier in India. We can provide the various types of heat exchangers - Finned Tube Heat exchangers, Air Cooled Condenser, Air Fin Coolers, Gas Plate Heat Exchangers, Plate Heat Exchangers, Tubular Heat Exchangers, Heat pump, Evaporative Air Cooler in the industry of Power, Petrochemical, refuse incineration plants and chemical …etc, In addition to the design and supply of heat exchanger, and also ETEC can provide a series of related ancillary services, such as including thermal design, structural design, installation guide, and quality control supervision, running test, spare parts supply and agents of the class equipment and technology applications.

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Enrich Thermal Engg Co. Ltd.

ETEC’s got advanced technology sources from Europe and American and combined with the industry's shareholder companies in Taiwan many years of design, fabricate, project management and experience , so that all customers can be synchronized with the world and got the best quality and high performance products in Local.

Our main representative performance as below, Renew ACC tube bundles in Taiwan Bali refuse incineration plants including installation, Shanghai ACC project, Shanxi project, Iran project…etc.

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